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What is a Registered Agent?

A Registered Agent is a company or individual appointed to receive important communication on behalf of a company. The state of Nevada requires corporations, partnerships and LLC’s registered in Nevada to have Registered Agent. A registered agent acts as the state's means to communicate with a business entity as well as receiving important legal and tax documents on behalf of a business. These include important correspondence sent by the Secretary of State, tax documents sent by the department of taxation, court documents and service of process. If you have an existing or are forming a new Corporation, Limited-Liability Company, Limited Partnership, Foreign Filing or any other corporate entity, you must designate a registered agent that is physically located in the state of Nevada. A Registered Agent must have a physical office address, often referred to as a Registered Office, in the state of Nevada. Apartments, PO boxes and mailing service centers are not allowed by Nevada Statutes.


Why Do I Need a Registered Agent?

It is required if you are forming a new entity or registering your existing entity with the Nevada Secretary of State. The primary function of the Registered Agent is to receive any type important communication or legal matter that is brought against your company. A Registered Agent provides your business with a street address located in Nevada providing a layer of privacy and anonymity. The Registered Agent address is listed on the Nevada Secretary of State website when an inquiry is made about your business. Nevada Registered Agent Service™ provides you with important filing notifications from the state, instant email forwarding of any correspondence received via the USPS and a layer of privacy and anonymity as public records reflect the registered agent address. If your business is named in a lawsuit, we receive the service of process on your behalf.

Designating a Registered Agent provides anonymity as registered agent information is public information. If your company were to be served, the process server would come to our address, not yours. Designating a Professional Registered Agent provides flexibility and freedom. Often, to save money, companies choose to designate an employee as their agent for service of process. If that employee were to be on vacation, sick, or otherwise out of the office, critical Service of Process and annual report notices may not be received and processed, which can result in serious legal consequences for the company.


What services do you provide for $39 a year?

·        Prompt Delivery of Documents

Nevada Registered Agent Service™ scans your important documents and deliver them to you electronically. Your business will get them the same day as we receive them. We accept all mail, important notifications from the secretary of state and service of process on your behalf.

·        Never Miss Your Renewal

Nevada Registered Agent Service™ will advise you of your renewals and send you reminders to ensure that your business is always current. Once we represent your business, we are notified directly by the Nevada Secretary of State.

·        Physical street address in Nevada

Nevada Registered Agent Service™ provides your business with a street address located in Nevada, not an apartment or PO box. This address is listed on the Nevada Secretary of State website when an inquiry is made about your business providing a layer of privacy and anonymity. If you are expecting parcels, monetary instruments, credit or bank cards, mail that cannot be scanned or just want anonymity then mail forwarding is for you. Details about our mail forwarding services can be found on our MAIL FORWARDING page.

·        Service Comes First
Our staff is dedicated to your success! With decades of experience, we have the expertise to help you at every stage of the business life cycle. We take care of your registered agent requirements so you can focus on your business. Nevada Registered Agent Service™ has been providing registered agent services in Nevada since 1991. We are proud to have received several certificates of recognition from the Governor and the City of Las Vegas for conducting business in the State of Nevada for 30+ years. See our Certificates of Recognition.

·        No Hidden Fees or Surprises

Unlike some of our competitors, you will pay the same $39 price every year. There are no extra fees and we do not sell your information. Your privacy and anonymity are always secure. All payments made online by credit card are subject to a nominal service charge incurred by the bank.

·        Confidential and Secure

We care about your privacy and the security of your personal information. We never sell or share your private information; your privacy and anonymity are never compromised. The information you provide to us is not public record unless specified for compliance with state filings. Nevada Registered Agent Service™ takes the utmost care in keeping your information confidential and provide a layer privacy and anonymity. Our SSL website is a secured by SHA-2 and 2048-bit end to end encryption. You may view our PRIVACY POLICY for full details on how we protect your information, anonymity and privacy.


How do I retain you as my Registered Agent?

Everything can be handled online; the process for retaining our services is below. Most orders are completed within an hour of submission and your Nevada Registered Agent Acceptance/Statement of Change certificate is sent to you immediately.


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Corporate Transparency Act (CTA)


Acceptance Form Instructions


Thank you for choosing Nevada Registered Agent Service™ for your registered agent needs. This information outlines the process to retain our services. Should you have any questions, please email us at or give us a call at (702) 628-7279.


            * Download the form in the box to your left named "Service Agreement"

            * Read the form Changes to State of Nevada Compliance Legislation and retain for your files.

             * Read the information regarding the Federal Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Reporting Requirement on our  FAQ’S page, specifically the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) link.

            * Enter the requested information into the fill able PDF form.

            * Print, sign and scan the forms and email them to

            * If you don’t have a scanner, fax the forms to us at (800) 948-0601.

            * If you don’t have a scanner or a fax, mail the forms to us; see the contact us link below.

            * Pay for one or multiple years online by clicking the Pay Online link below.

            * Please remember to put your business name in the comments section at checkout.


Once we have received your completed forms and payment, we will send you a completed and signed Registered Agent Acceptance/Statement of Change certificate for your submission to the Nevada Secretary of State.  Most orders are processed within an hour of submission. Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.



If you are changing your registered agent, there is a fee of $60 payable to the Nevada Secretary of State. This is separate from our $39 yearly fee and is a one-time filing fee charged by the Nevada Secretary of State.  The forms in the box to your left under "State Forms" are for transmittal of documents to the Nevada Secretary of State and only required if you are an existing Nevada business entity.


All online payment transactions are subject to a credit card processing fee, which are clearly shown at checkout prior to payment.





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